HDMI disconnect Issues with nvdrmvideosink

According to this post (JetPack 5.0.1 No such element or plugin 'nvoverlaysink') nvoverlaysink was phased out in 5.0.1. Now I have to use nvdrmvideosink which has a huge issue when HDMI is disconnected gstreamer stops writing frames and with the following errors and doesn’t resume once the HDMI is reconnected:

Failed to set plane
Failed to display frame buffer 

And based on other posts there seems to no solution fix to the issue outside of error handling and restarting the application. Does anyone have any tips on how to recover gstreamer in this situation? I don’t get why nvoverlaysink was seemingly randomly phased out for an alternative with these issues.

Could you try Jetpack 4.6.2? Jetpack 5 is under development and 5.0.1 DP is a developer preview. There are issues we are still working on.

I need Ubuntu 20.04/5.10 kernel which is why I am running JP5.

Please wait for the next JetPack 5.0 GA release.

When is GA expected for 5.0? We need to make decisions.

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