HDMI Display flickering

Hello, I’m using waveshare 10.1 inch HDMI display https://www.waveshare.com/10.1inch-HDMI-LCD-B-with-case.htm on Jetson Xavier NX.

It flickering in desktop environment, as presented on video
And display has strange horizontal lines.

I’ve tried the following:

  1. Power on/off HDMI according to this and this2
  2. Plug in/off HDMI cable from display/jetson
  3. Check HDMI display on another devices - it works perfectly.

Sometimes it works normally with a few flickering or without, but most of time and most of booting on device - it has flickering.

How to set it up correctly? How to debug it?


  1. Does changing the power supply of this monitor help this case?
  2. Could you compare the dmesg when error happens/not happens and see if anything is different?
  3. Does this monitor have other resolution? If so, could you change to other resolution and see if there is a flicker?