HDMI Display: How to set hdmi display resolution

I want set hdmi display resolution to 1080i60,how to do it?
How to change hmdi display resolution?
How to change hmdi display resolution to custom resolution?

Typically you would use xrandr to change modes. However, if you are indicating an interlaced mode, then this will not work. No interlaced mode is supported.

Hi linuxdev,
Do you have a sample using xrandr to change display resolution?
Can I force a custom display resolution to Tx2 Hdmi display?

If you are logged in to the GUI, then just running “xrandr” will show available resolutions (the GUI has to already be running). Display (using xrandr syntax) will probably be “HDMI-0”. If 1920x1080 30Hz is availble, then this would set that mode:

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 30.00

You’ll have to test whether the software believes that resolution is valid. Nothing which is outside of an EDID mode would be accepted, and some monitors may support EDID modes which the driver itself does not support.