HDMI Driver for TK1

Hi ,

We are looking the feasibility of HDMI Source device simulation using NIVIDIA TK1 Development Kit.

Please let me know regards below.

Is there any HDMI Driver source code is available for TK1 Development kit already.

Or else we have to take Linux HDMI driver and need to compile for this particular processor.

Also Let me know Possible way to control HDMI Port available in TK1 Kit.

Jetsons do already use HDMI if that is the question. The Xorg X11 server is used with the NVIDIA driver as a “plug-in” to the Xorg server. The Xorg server is open source, the NVIDIA binary driver is not. Code related to using the driver and Xorg server are open source and found in the kernel source. I guess it would depend on whether you need to know code directly in the hardware accelerated NVIDIA driver (Nouveau is open source, but does not access the GPU).

There is also support for Vulkan.

I suspect that if you can work through the Xorg interface (I’ve not worked on Vulkan, but it looks like it might be a good choice too) you can do what you want, but you’d need to be careful to find out ahead of time if the video driver supports resolutions and timings you are interested in.

NOTE: You might mention what you expect to connect to the HDMI connector if it isn’t a monitor.

If you need HDMI driver code, please download our source code from here: