HDMI Hot Plug

I am having some problems on this HDMI hot plug. When I plug in my Jetson TK1 to my monitor and boot up, the display is fine. However, when I tried to unplug it and replug it in my monitor after boot up, it failed to display anything, just a black screen. Is this a normal behavior? The HDMI on Jetson TK1 is it not hot-plugable?

Happens to me as well.

It’s best to plug everything in Jetson and then plug in power. Read the included quick start guide why.

I have my Jetson plugged into a 1080p monitor through an HDMI switch. This switch completely disconnects the monitor and EDID when you switch to another input source. So it is the same as unplugging the monitor.
My Jetson TK1, Wii U, Windows machines, and Nvidia Linux x86 machines all work fine through the switch box.
However my Linux machine with AMD proprietary drivers is the one that crashes after switching. (the mouse will move but you can’t click or type anything, maybe it doesn’t come out of standby correctly)

Anyway I haven’t seen any issues with the Jetson and hotplug. I can even physically disconnect the HDMI and plug it back in and it will keep running as if nothing happened.
If the issue you are seeing is when you boot the Jetson with no monitor/EDID, that is a known issue. It is documented in the guides. At this time the monitor or EDID must be present at bootup or it won’t function correctly. You could work around this with an I2C EDID connected to the plug if you need to run the Jetson with no monitor.
If you are plugging the monitor in at boot and it isn’t working, then maybe you should upload the EDID dump of that monitor in case it doesn’t properly recognize some monitors.

you wrote:
“then maybe you should upload the EDID dump of that monitor in case it doesn’t properly recognize some monitors”

Can you describe this more elaborate. Where should I store this dump ?

Try apt-get install read-edid (not sure if you need a non-default repository), then:
get-edid | parse-edid

Bill, my setup is exactly the same as yours. But when I plug in my Jetson to the HDMI switch and boot up, the monitor just get a black screen. The only way I can see the screen output is the Jetson directly plugged to my monitor. Every time I physically disconnect the HDMI cable and plug it back, the screen go black again… May I ask which monitor and HDMI switch are you using?

If you are using a KVM switch, sometimes the KVM will incorrectly reply with its own EDID data, rather than the monitor’s. This would explain working without KVM, but failing with. The “get-edid | parse-edid” could be used with and without the KVM and tell you if this is the case