HDMI Noise at Jetson Xavier AGX



we are strugling with HDMI noise on Jetson Xavier AGX (using Rogue Carrier Board from ConnectTech). We are not using the DevKit.

Our tests in EMI lab shows a frequency issue at 212 MHz, caused by HDMI. This frequency 12 dB above the allowed limit.

Any idea how to reduce that frequency?

Is an EMI compliance test for Jetson Xavier AGX availble? If so could you provide us with the test setup (i.e. HDMI connection, display and the used display resolution).


Hi, please check with carrier board vendor for this. We assume the maker should have well followed HDMI Interface Signal Routing Requirements in OEM Design Guide which will cover EMI relevant stuff.

Hi @QKnows,

Have you contacted our Team Team? If you fill out our Support Form, our team will help you troubleshoot and get you up and running.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hello @kprice1,

I contacted ConnectTech already, the support team suggested me to post in the NVIDIA forum.