HDMI port goes deaf, GTX1070-Max-Q, MSI-GS65

I’ll add the requisite nvidia debug reports shortly -

I’ve had issues on this laptop running Ubuntu 18.04 and the HDMI port essentially, “going dead” in use with the 390 and 396 series of driver builds. Generally, this happens after having the computer in use and hot-plugging an HDMI display into the HDMI port. It simply does not detect anything, no syslog events or anything else.

It does work when hot-plugging the mini-Display port.

Only HDMI seems affected. This is inconvenient, as HDMI ports are pretty common giving presentations and what not.

Attached report after a re-boot and the HDMI is working. Will reproduce the issue and attach the report in the failed mode.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (159 KB)

It’s an Optimus notebook with hdmi connected to the nvidia gpu but the nvidia audio device is turned off. Use this to turn it on:

I’m sorry, I should be more precise in my terminology and say that the HDMI goes “dead” rather than deaf.

It becomes unresponsive to plugging an HDMI monitor, doesn’t sense the plug in at all and never creates a video signal.

lol, yes, ‘dead’ makes it clearer. But then, you’ll have to supply a log from the failed state. Just a guess, since it’s an Optimus system, are you switching to intel when the issue appears? In that case, the nvidia gpu is likely off so it it can’t drive the hdmi port. Maybe the miniDP port is connected to the intel gpu thus still works.

Attaching report with HDMI not working. Doesn’t detect monitor plug/unplug and never supplies video. Monitor and cable known good and working. Fails on multiple different monitors and cables.

Althought it is an Optimus notebook, I’m not using Optimus at all. Confirmed that the GTX1070 is slected and operating as the Prime GPU.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (215 KB)

Confirmed mini-display port is working as expected, hot plug events detected. Just no HDMI operation.

Frequently occurs following a sleep cycle. However, it occurs as well after a fresh boot, if plugging in the HDMI monitor after the machine is booted.

Operations in Windows 10 Pro are as expected, with no issues with latest Geforce drivers installed.