HDMI problem on custom carrier board for P3668

Hi,I use a custom board that refered the 3509,and our custom board with P3668 can power on and log in with termial,but can’t display on screen of hdmi.
Custom board use the same MCU as 3509, and flashed with nvidia program.
Why our custom board can’t display on screen of hdmi? Will you please give us some advice on it?
Best regards

Attach the dmesg and org for the custom carrier board.
dmesg_cb.txt (57.4 KB)
dmesg of 3509 have the information: Bootloader disp_param detected.Detected mode:1920X1080(0x0mm) pclk=148350937.But the custom carrier board have not this information.

Looks like you filed on wrong forum. This is Orin NX forum.

hehe,sorry. I will move it to nano forum

Your issue sounds not nano either…

Sorry,It’s carrier board for Xavier NX P3668.

We have no idea for this problem. Uart
log is ok,but hdmi no signal.

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