HDMI screen flickering with mouse movement or keyboard input

I am working on the custom carrier board with TX1 module. We have the flicker issue with some monitors when move the mouse cursor and it should be related to EMI issue.

We modified the “emc_floor_rate” on L4T R24.2.1 and got the better result, but I can not found out the emc_floor_rate file on L4T R28.2 as below:

Any suggestions?


It should become better if running “sudo jetson_clock.sh”. Could you try it?

Could you share what usecase (how many monitors are there) could hit this issue?

Hi Wayne,

That script seems to solve this issue. but how do I apply the script in the kernel code? Or, I should execute the script at startup

PS,The monitor model:
AOC U2879VF / DELL P2715Q


Please choose one solution from below.

solution 1. Modify kernel

Please refer to tegra_dc_calc_min_bandwidth(..) in bandwidth.c and modify this line as the one in HDMI case, that is, a hard-coded one.

pclk = KHZ2PICOS(dc->mode.pclk /1000); //  modify this line to a hard-coded value that is large enough.

solution 2. change bandwidth through sysfs

echo 1600000000 > /sys/kernel/debug/ tegra_bwmgr/debug_client_floor