HDMI/SDI input for real time image processing

I am trying to do some real time image processing using a camcorder (for my application I must use a video camera thus I cannot use a USB nor a CSI camera)

I have done googled around have came across Auvidea B10X and it seems they are some of the most popular options when trying to get HDMI/SDI input. Although based on some of the forums it looks like there is some work to be done.

My questions are:

  1. If Auvidea B10X is one of the best options which module is the one that is recommended since there are 3 models: B100 B101 and B102?
  2. What is your experience with latency? for my system latency should be as minimum as possible and I can't find any documentation to talk about it.
  3. Are there any other alternatives that are cost effective, with low latency and easy implementation?

Any tips or resources are appreciated.

Hi Francis,

thank you for your questions.

  1. It depends on which TX2 carrier board you use. The B101 is for a 15 pin CSI interface. The B102 is for a 22 pin CSI interface. The B100 is not for our carriers recommended. But please note that we do not have a running driver ready for the TX2. The TX1 is supported.

  2. The latency is around 100ms.

  3. At the moment there is no other capture card ready.

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