HDMI settings (frequency for EMC tests)


we are using a NVIDIA Jetson Xaviar AGX in our device. During a electromagnetic compatibility test a problem encountered if the HDMI interface was connected to the touch screen. The EMC test results are promising if we don’t use the HDMI connection.

Is there a way to manipulate the frequencies of the HDMI interface?
Is is possible to enable frequency spreading on HDMI?


There is a tuning guide doc in DLC, you can check that first.

Thanks for the really interesting document.

Is there a DLC or some “How-To” that explains how to set the register values for HDMI (Table 17/18)?


Do you mean you want to fix this value after kernel is up? If so, there is a prod setting in device tree.


You need to firstly download the kernel source from our DLC and then rebuild the dts file to dtb.