HDMI slot not activ after power-on without monitor connected

I started using the Drive PX2 2 days before and I noticed that my monitor has to be first connected and power supplied before power-on the drive PX2, otherwise there is no image on my monitor.
When the monitor is ON, and connected before power-on the drive PX2, I have an image (but I have to use 2 monitors to be able to see Tegra-a and Tegra-b, otherwise I get an image only where my monitor is connected and not on the second Tegra, when I change the HDMI slot).

Now what I want to do is following: drive PX2 -> HDMI to Ethernet adapter -> KVM-switch -> monitor. Because I want to visualize all my machines (drive PX2, 2 windows PCs and 2 Ubuntu PCs) over KVM switch on one Monitor. I can visualize Windows and Ubuntu, but there is no way to display the drive PX2 in this constellation, although the adapter, the KVM and the monitor are power-on. The drive PX2 doesn’t recognise that there is a monitor connected.

Is there any possibilities to solve that?


The DAGX this is going to work fine, the DPX2 are quite sensitive when it comes to the HDMI signal. I have seen the same issues there and can only recommend you to not use a KVM switch with DPX2.