HDMI to Analog Video Converter Signal goes on and off

Hello, we purchased an HDMI to Analog Video (rca) converter to connect Analog Video output to a long range Fpv transmitter. But somethimes the converter gives output and shows screen but most times are not. Can this be something like Edid thing with vga converters as well? I have doubt because we can get screen with two same converters then lose the signal. Can you help us to debug this situation?
Thank you.

The video driver requires EDID (a query of configuration of a monitor via an i2c wire, the “DDC” wire). VGA does not have this and cannot reply to it. So if this is a pure HDMI-to-VGA conversion, then the driver is probably going to a fallback mode. The better solution would be to program the adapter to respond with the EDID the monitor would have responded to (you’d have to make sure the DDC wire pretends to have the specs of the monitor).

Is the monitor at the far end HDMI? Or at least something modern with EDID (including digital DVI and DisplayPort)? Is the adapter capable of being programmed for custom EDID?

Hello, thank you for your respond.
The converter we are using is an HDMI to RCA (Composite/Analog video) converter, not VGA. Such as below :

So endpoint is a 5.4 GHz wireless video transmitter which takes analog video input and we use to transmit video from a drone.

RCA composite and VGA have in common that neither are “plug and play” format…and thus both do not have the required DDC wire. The GPU driver requires HDMI or DisplayPort (or any plug-n-play capable system), and so all you can hope for with VGA or RCA composite is that maybe a default mode will work. You will need to create something to provide the EDID from any relevant monitor and have it supply the proper i2c content to the DDC wire when queried by the GPU.

Alternatively, any converter you might find which offers customizing EDID (or providing a mode compatible with both the monitor and the GPU) would be the better choice. Many monitors just use some standard VESA configurations, and some converters provide a number of those standard VESA settings as an EDID response. Apparently the one you are using does not.

One thing to beware of is that the GPU does not accept any interlaced mode. Are the monitors at the other end actually HDMI?

There are some HDMI splitters which can either forward a real monitors EDID information or a EDID faker’s info at left channel and send the same format to a second channel. Typically HDMI to DVI Converters make use of this trick and downconverting an image. Your HDMI to Analog should work too.