1. Regarding the HDMI connection, in the OEM DG series resistors (Rs ~ 6 ohm) supposed to be after the ESD protection wiring, but in the devkit schematics you place it before the ESD protection, what is the correct one?
  2. If I want to use the EMI protection, in the devkit schematics you place it in parallel with Rs resistors. So, do I still need the Rs resistors - If so, where should I place them?
  3. In the schematics you route HDMI_DP2_TXDP/N0 to D2+/- in the connector, is this correct?

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  1. Both are not wrong, in OEM DG it is CMC combined with ESD, so it should be before Rs, in SCH it is separated ESD, so it is better to close to connector.

  2. CMC should be after pull-down resistor/CMC and before Rs.

  3. Yes, swapping D0 and D2 is necessary.