HDR camera in Jetson TX2

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to bring up a HDR camera for the TX2 platform. I have a camera sensor which has support for alternate row HDR, just like the reference camera (OV5693).

I’m trying to test the HDR support present in the default camera itself. But I do not have any information about how to test or use this feature. Is the nvidia TX2 ISP capable of processing the alternate rows to produce HDR output image? If yes, how do I use this feature if I can program the sensor driver to support HDR just like the reference camera?

Can anybody from nvidia comment on this or verify this?

Looks like the latest Jetpack 3.1 adds support for the WDR functionality in IMX185. I had a look at the sensor driver source code, but it provides very little information about how the ISP stitches the WDR images together.

I wasn’t able to find an application that exposes this WDR feature of ISP to the user. Anybody else looking into this as well?

Current only support WDR feature with IMX185 and we are enabling scaling partner for the image tuning stuff.

we haven’t check HDR mode in camera (OV5693). we have check the HDR in e-CAM131_CUMI1335_MOD only. So we recommended to use this module. Please refer the below link to get more details:



May I ask how to enable WDR feature with IMX185 camera? Currently we used nvgstcapture-1.0 with JetPack3.1. Thanks.


Hi Roland_Hsiao,

For enabling and tuning WDR on the IMX185, please contact one of our preferred camera partners like Leopard Imaging or Appro.pho https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/community/partners