HDR Support For Jetson Nano

We have a custom board with an IMX335 image sensor which supports HDR mode and a Jetson Nano
Our requirement is to get the HDR mode working on Jetson Nano when enabled
Could you please let us know whether Jetson Nano ISP supports HDR?

hello krishnaprasad.k,

as you can see in the CSI and USB Camera Features. HDR functionality it’s not supported for Nano series.

you may also check software feature for TX2, or Xavier series,
for example,
if you dig into [Jetson TX2 Series Software Features] for the CSI and USB Camera Features session, you’ll see there’re two HDR functions, i.e. DOL-WDR and PWL-WDR are supported.

@JerryChang As you said HDR is not supported in Jetson nano, but our image sensor (IMX335) supports HDR. So if we enable the HDR functionality in the image sensor, will it create any issues. (We need basic tuning with Nano ISP as well)
If the above option is not feasible, is there any way to implement HDR on Jetson Nano using GPU or any other way?

hello krishnaprasad.k,

may I also know what’s the HDR modes?
however, it’s still not supported on Nano series since the camera core stack is different.

@JerryChang Multiple exposure and Digital overlap.These are the HDR modes supported by Image Sensor(IMX335)

So can we conclude that Jetson Nano won’t be able to capture HDR images from Image Sensor(IMX335) even though our Image sensor(IMX335) has HDR?

hello krishnaprasad.k,

yes, your understanding is correct.

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