Headless capture for NvFBCCuda

Hi all I have this M60 Grid setup, with the GPU on passthrough mode to a Win8.1 VM.

I’ve managed to get NvFBCDx9 capturing and streaming out fine without using TeamViewer by setting a windows account to auto-login. However now I have a NvFBCCuda version that performs post-fx after capturing but before the encoding process, and this version does not work well without TeamViewer. It will fail to acquire a lock on the bitstream if I do not connect using TeamViewer, once i connect and capture, it works fine.

Any ideas how I can get around teamviewer?


Some sort of failed source code should be useful. Try to enable GRID "logs". It disclosure many internals errors and fails that are masked by generic error return. See "NVIDIA Capture SDK Programming Guide.pdf" page 64 - "4.1.4. Enabling generation of textual logs" - I am using "NVFBCLog=42" (answer to life, the universe, and everything).

Thanks for the response mcerveny, I didn’t know about the verbose logging switch, this is most useful!
42 didn’t just answer my questions, it made it go away, probably hitchhiking its way somewhere.

It really is strange, enabling any logging at all via that switch, and my cuda version captures fine, without TeamViewer…I don’t like this behavior, hopefully I can come up with a repro with logs.