Headless EGL Contexts Don't Seem To Work With Capture SDK ???

Title, pretty much, says it all.

Is there some reason that a headless EGL context on an Amazon G2 isn’t registering as current when the NvIFROGLCreateSession method is called ???

Right now, I ALWAYS get a "There is no OpenGL context current." back from the NvIFROGLGetError call.

If others are able to make this work, I will dig into the matter further…
but right now I’m a little puzzled as to why an EGL context is not as good as a GLX context ???

Aren’t they all, essentially, supposed to be the same thing ???

OK. The entire libnvidia-ifr shared object is completely dependent on GLX. Is there a reason GLX was the only context management api implemented for NVIFR ?

Also, are there any plans to implement support for the EGL api ? Looking at what you did for the GLX api… it seems a not so difficult task, as EGL mirrors GLX in many respects.

Hi Flavius,

The SDK team have been made aware of this thread and are investigating/discussing.

Best wishes,

Had given up hope on you guys to even see that post. Let alone looking into the matter.
Thanks much Rachel.

I came across this topic which exactly what I am currently looking. I’m wondering if there has been any further update to this?

it’s deprecated now – here is a piece of fresh Nvidia Capture SDK README:

  • Use of NvIFR is deprecated. The NvIFR header file and sample applications
    are removed from the NVIDIA Capture SDK. Existing applications that use NvIFR
    will continue to work on supported devices. Please refer to section 6 of
    Release notes.

  • NVIFR interface will not be supported on future GPU architectures.

  • Applications using NvIFR ToHWEnc interface can instead use
    Nvidia Video Codec SDK directly.