headless initial configuration: looking for password

Solved. Definitely looks like the most recent versions no longer support headless setup. Use JP4.2.3 for headless setup.

It looks like there are instructions to upgrade to 4.4 afterwards here, although I haven’t tried it yet: https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/jetpack/install-jetpack/index.html#upgrade-jetpack


oem-setup since recent can be used in leu of the headless initial ubuntu setup e.g. if there is no display.

After long time-wasting process, managed to solve this issue by following advise from @poozwally (use release JP4.2.3).

You may download the archived release from below link

Thanks to @poozwally.

I have face similar problem in jetson-nano 2GB board with first boot headless mode using Putty in windows.
i have used “jetson-nano-2gb-jp441-sd-card-image”

just correct by using

  1. switch off power
  2. remove and plug SD card
  3. just connect with putty and start
    It’s working and installed :)