Headless install of Omniverse Enterprise Launcher for Docker with CentOS?

Been following this doc: Omniverse (nvidia.com). Trying to install OV Enterprise Launcher to a headless CentOS Docker Container. Will installing this AppImage require a GUI? Been experimenting with extracting the AppImage, but often get errors related to Electron.

Hello @jason.aaron.ortiz! I informed the team that you needed help. You should be hearing back from them shortly!

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Hi @jason.aaron.ortiz

Thanks for your interest in Omniverse

Currently we do not support running Enterprise Launcher headless using Docker

We do support running kit applications Like Create etc running headless/ without GUI
Please refer the below links



For Applications like IsaacSim we support container based deployment, Refer below link

Regarding Enterprise Launcher, we do not have any headless run option as of today,

Also please find another link below (This link is not official, we do not recommend, just for reference), We do not support/encourage the below option, this is just a mention


Thanks @rvinobha for the reply! Will the Linux Enterprise OV Launcher support headless install similar to the Windows version?

For the record, what I’m trying to accomplish is to install the OV ParaView Connector into a Singularity container which itself is based on a Dockerfile.

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