Headless Jetson Nano Capabilities

If I were to make my Jeston Nano “headless” and connect it to my laptop, would I still be able to run ROS and see Rviz simulations?

Please try to setup vnc with below virtual screen in xorg.conf.

Setting the Desktop Resolution
  The desktop resolution is typically determined by the capabilities of the
  display that is attached to Jetson. If no display is attached, a default
  resolution of 640x480 is selected. To use a different resolution, edit
  /etc/X11/xorg.conf and append the following lines:
  Section "Screen"
     Identifier    "Default Screen"
     Monitor       "Configured Monitor"
     Device        "Tegra0"
     SubSection "Display"
         Depth    24
         Virtual 1280 800 # Modify the resolution by editing these values