Headless setup of jetson nano developer kit B01 - no USB device

I am trying to set up a new Jetson Nano Developer Kit (v.B01) in headless mode. I am following the official instructions here:

…so jumper on J48 pins, 5V-4A DC adapter plugged in in J25, and micro-USB cable connected to my Mac (Big Sur). However, no USB device shows up:

$ ls /dev/cu.usbmodem*
zsh: no matches found: /dev/cu.usbmodem*

Same thing with another PC with ubuntu 18.04 installed. Tried three different usb cables, but no success.
Pluggin in a UART-to-USB cable gives me access through serial:

screen /dev/tty.usbserial-0001 115200

but boot stops at:

[ 4.671652] using random self ethernet address
[ 4.676148] using random host ethernet address
[ 8.921253] Please complete system configuration setup on the serial port provided by Jetson’s USB device mode connection. e.g. /dev/ttyACMx where x can 0, 1, 2 etc.

Any suggestion on how to set it up in headless mode?
Thanks a lot!

Take a look at the information on serial console:

You’ll find that the micro-USB is not the serial console. Can you verify that you’re using the correct header pins for this? Sounds like you are using the micro-B USB.

Note that there is an earlier carrier board release (the a02 release), plus the one most people have, the b01 release. The correct header is shown in the images in the above URL.