Headless Ubuntu server: Possible system instability with idling GPUs

We have two headless GPU servers with Ubuntu (currently 20.04) installed. On both systems we were/are facing instabilities: The system freezes occasionally, and nothing related is in the logs. We think that the crash may occur when the GPUs are idle. Setting the PowerMixerMode to maximum performance may prevent the crash, but is not a solution, since we don’t want the system to run on max power all the time.

The system currently showing the problem is as follows: Supermicro Server AS-4124GS-TNR equipped with eight NVIDIA RTX A6000, Ubuntu 20.04.2, NVIDIA driver version is 460.73.01, CUDA Version is 11.2.

Is instability on Ubuntu systems with idling GPUs a known issue? Are there driver versions known not to show the problem?