Headset goes black after a few seconds on Ada 6000


We have a problem with our new vGPU Setup using RTX 6000 Ada cards; the screen on the headset goes black after a few seconds, but headset movements are still transmitted as seen through VNC on the VM. In the logs, there are some indications of the encoder failing in our opinion. Is this solvable?

Streamer Server Log 2023-03-23 09.14.14.txt (444.4 KB)


I’m having someone else check on the status of this issue. As far as I understand it, there is a logic bug in the vGPU detection mechanism, and it mis-detects certain cards/chips as not having encoder or performance needed. There might be a temporary registry workaround, I’ve pinged someone who might know, and we’re pushing the driver team for updated release with a real fix.

This unfortunately is a symptom we’ve seen with the latest version of vGPU and is being fixed targeting early summer. The only workaround for now is downgrading to CloudXR 3.0 or enabling passthrough on the hypervisor for your VM.

thank you @tegradave and @wcannady for these insights - we’ve heard similar answers from Enterprise Support. I hope you can fix it, any hotfixes, patches (CXR 3.2.1 maybe?) are welcome as well!