Heap corruption has been detected

I’ve implemented a CUDA program.
And in this program, a debug error has occured.
The error message is like below

“Debug Error!
Program: …
HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED: after normal block(#62) at 0x02485F48.
CRT detected that the application wrote to memory after end of heap buffer.”

A block contains 88 threads, and a grid contains 6633 blocks.

dim3  threads( BSIZE, BSIZE );
dim3  grid( T2/BSIZE, T1/BSIZE );

(Here, BSIZE=8, T1=264 and T2=528)

Has the heap corruption occured because of too many blocks(or threads)?
How can I solve this problem?


No, you have a bug somewhere else.

Thank you for your answer!

Have a good day :)