Height Offset Not Working at 1st Launch after Starting the Server - cxrChaperone.origin

I am connecting to a CloudXR Server based on my laptop through a local network, using a HMD connected to an Android phone, meaning that my client is Android-based.

I want to set the ground height of SteamVR to roughly the same altitude of the actual ground of my room.

I wrote an Android application connecting the HMD’s sdk with CloudXR sdk, and then enabled the connection and became able to see and interact with SteamVR using my HMD and phone. I took much reference on ARCore and Oculus examples.
Specifically for the purpose above, I set the value of “cxrDeviceDesc->cxrChaperone.origin.m[1][3]” to a custom value (e.g. 1.15 when seated).

This custom height I set takes effect only since the second run after starting the server.
Every first time I connect to the server after starting it on my laptop, the height I set doesn’t take effect, and the ground of SteamVR is always at the same level of my HMD. Every connection after this works as expected.

CloudXR SDK and Server Version: 3.0 - 2021-08-04
HMD: 6-dof, parameters read and passed to Android for connection
Client Phone: OnePlus 7t, 3-dof, supports VR, making connection to server through Wi-Fi and ip address
Server: SteamVR latest version (1.19.7 at the moment), Windows 10, Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU and latest drivers

I want to make the custom height work for every possible connection, not except the 1st connect after starting the server. I reviewed the code of the Oculus example but didn’t figured out what it did exactly to ensure that. Maybe I could use some help.
Thank you in advance.

Fascinating work. Can you tell me which HMD you are using?