Hello AI World ( Camera) Setup

I am currently following instructions from S3E1 - Hello AL World setup. I would like to use the camera on the Jetson TX2. I am in docker. Do I need to change V4L2_DEVICES: --device /dev/video0 to something else? Thank you for your time.

Hi @nefreres, the Hello AI World’s docker/run.sh script will automatically mount each of the V4L2 /dev/video* devices present on your system. So you should not need to manually change that. If you want to plug in another camera, you should shutdown/restart the container once your camera is plugged in, and it will pick up the new camera devices.

The camera included with the Jetson TX2 devkit is a MIPI CSI camera, so you would not use that through the V4L2 device. Instead launch the video-viewer like this to test the video:

$ video-viewer csi://0