Hello All - connecton to ZTE Wifi

Hello All! I gto my Nano a few weeks ago, but only got my Nvidia account sorted out today. What a great little box!

One question - I recall that my Raspberry Pi did not connect to my ZTE Wifi router until I figured out a rather obscure setting for (I think) authentication.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

The Nano connects just fine to othe Wifi routers, including my Android phone.

Hi hearnjs,

The Nano connects just fine to othe Wifi routers, including my Android phone.
Are you successfully set up the ZTE Wifi on Nano?

Is there any problem?

Thankyou. My nano connects to many access points.
It does not connect to my ZTE access point at my home. I remember I had a similar issue with the Raspberry Pi - I think it is a specific setting which Ubuntu needs for these access points,

What wifi device are you using on Nano?

I have an M@ device 01:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275 (rev 50)

This device works with ther access points. I really do not think this is a hardware problem.

As an aside can anyone give me an exact part number for an antenna for this card?
I bought an antenna on Amazon but the connectors did not match up.


We need to figure out if this is an issue that happens on Jetson Nano platform. Please use this Intel 8265 card on your host pc and see if it can connect to your ZTE wifi.

Thankyou Wayne. My HP Spectre laptop has an Intel 8265 card and it connects to the ZTE router.
This makes me think though - my laptop has Windows 10 and Fedora 29.
I guess looking at the Fedora configuration in detail will help.


Is 8265 on tegra able to scan ZTE router? If so, is it a authentication problem?

Yes, the 8265 can scan the ZTE router and find the SSID This is an authentication problem