hello need help pls

my software
amd fx 6100
nividia gtx 650 2gb

hello i have been trying 2 play on my steam account 2 games chivalry medieval warfare,war of the roses with my new and awesome nividia card. only 2 see (physx cpu) and a key locked symbal painted across my screen the whole time i play them. this does not happen with any of my other games and only started recently with these games.as you can imagine this is worrying and confuseing any help or answers would be cool if anyone can help thx

First of all, this is wrong Forum. Right one is located here

Second, I believe you are talking about so called PhysX Visual Indicator.
It can be disabled through “NVIDIA Control Panel” - > “3d Settings” -> “Show PhysX Visual Indicator”

sorry for wrong location i was lost but thank you for replying you were right lol panic over thank you…:)