help__can not find shared memory on C2050

I am a nvidia C2050 GPU user, I found a problem when I compile my code.

the message shows as follows:

ptxas error : Entry function ‘_Z20cudgseis_source_termiPiPdS0_iS0_iiS0_S0_S0_iS0_S0_S0_S0_iS_S_S0_S0_S0_S0_S0_S0_S0_S0_S0_diiS0_i’ uses too much shared data (0x5990 bytes + 0x10 bytes system, 0x4000 max)

I think this means there are 16384 bytes shared memory on board, but there should be 49152 bytes memory there, would anyone help me to solve this problem?

Add the --arch=sm_20 option to your nvcc command. The compiler has to know you are targeting the newer architecture before it will let you use more than 16 kB of shared memory.

Thank you so much!