Help: Compatibility with macOS 10.12


I am using OptiX 3.9 on my MacBook Pro, with a GPU of NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and CUDA 7.5.

I was doing fine with OS X 10.11. But recently I upgrade to Mac OS 10.12 and I can not run any OptiX based programs any more, or even the pre-compiled examples. I can still compile my programs. But when I run, it gives the error of
“OptiX Error: A supported NVIDIA GPU could not be found”.

Can anybody help me with this?

p.s. I have also tried to use OptiX 3.9.1 or 4.0.1, but they yield the same results.

Many thanks

That sounds like more things are broken than just OptiX. Can you install/run any of the CUDA samples, like deviceQuery? Maybe the drivers got hosed when the OS was updated.

I asked around about this and was told by Mac users that the latest CUDA driver for Mac (8.0.46+) should fix the missing GPU issue. Can you please give that a try and post the results back here?

Note that to build OptiX 4.0.1 samples, you will still need the CUDA 7.5 toolkit installed.