Help controlling ros from laptop

I need some basic info as Im new to ros. I need laptop control of a robot with lidar and mapping. Can I run this from a very basic laptop or do I need something amazing? should I build a great desktop or just run everything from a built laptop?
I need full control of ros jetson nano v3 to start. can I build, learn, deploy using a built desktop then control from a basic laptop?

I guess Im asking whats a good learning setup desktop laptop ros and robotics with heavy machine learning and ai in its future

I can’t answer from the AI viewpoint, but whatever you use, I suggest it have Ubuntu 18.04 on it. To complicate things, then the next major release of flash software comes out, you would want it to dual boot between Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. If you have two equal partitions, then you can wait to install 20.04. If you also have Windows, then basically divide the disk into thirds so you can install each of them. The biggest problem here is that actual flash takes a lot of disk space, so dividing the disk up like can reach a smaller disk’s limits. Typically I do something like this, and I have a second hard drive I can mount on the home directory’s “~/nvidia” so it uses that extra drive for all that space, and it works equally on any version of Ubuntu.

I couldn’t say what the right answer is for laptop versus PC for ROS.

Im leaning towards setting up a server for machine learning and training. That can be accessed from anywhere and using the okay laptop I have to run projects from. I was going to just stick with ubuntu 20.04 and skip having to change from 18 to 20 but so much out there is on 18 so Ill likely build a dual boot. As far as windows goes I still have most of my machines set up with dual boot with win10 but I never use windows anymore except for one program at work thats not available on linux. Im ditching windows all together moving forward other then on one machine for i dont know why. My main concern is controlling all the different ros versions from one version Kinetic Melodic Noetic from Noetic and if thats really posible? I read it was on the internet but have to test it shortly. And then what about ROS2. That will determine os on all my devices. right now Im experimenting with Jetson Nano so am I locked in with Melodic? ROS has got me rethinking how I proceed.
Thanks for the help

This I don’t know:

When the next major JetPack/SDKM comes out (“soon”) you’ll need the 20.04 host, but this gives you two releases of Ubuntu on the Jetson which you can choose from. I don’t know what will fit your situation, hoping someone else can comment the ROS side.

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