Help "CR5 twinkle" when put in the adapter.

we had make a filesystem base on ubuntu-base , but there is a big mistake .

Our engineer flash a X86-64 bit FS in the rootfs.

Then push the button of power , recovery volume reset button server times.

then plug off the adapter.

plug in the adapter , the CR5 twinkle.

We try to take off the core board off the motherboard. It is not twinkle now,
but plug the core board to motherboard, the CR5 twinkle again.

we can’t flash the emmc again , what can we do ?

is there a way to recovery? hardware borken, or software? just help, thanks a lot.

any advise ? thanks.

CR5 is the VDD_IN indicator, if adapter provide stable power it should be always on not twinkle.
Looks like some wrong with your module.
Not sure why but software flash should not make hardware damage.
If you can’t make system in recovery mode correctly, check if there any short on your module VDD_IN pins.