I get the error:

CUFFT_SETUP_FAILED CUFFT library failed to initialize.

The portion of my code (snippet) to call cufft is as follows:

 result = cufftExecC2C(plan, rhs_complex_d, rhs_complex_d, CUFFT_FORWARD);

	mexPrintf("Execution Code: %d.\n",result);

This is in a mex wrapper for matlab and I have it echo out the error code. I compile my code fine and it runs but the array is just passed to the card and returned unprocessed. The Planner (cufftPlan1d) is working just fine.

I have literally spent 8 hours trying to figure this out. I dunno what is up with this :(. I am running Windows Vista, the newest driver (released today), have an 8800 GTS. Again it compiles and runs without error but the cufft library wont initialize and it returns the array. I have the CUDA toolkit and SDK installed (version 2 Beta).

Thank you for any help :)!

EDIT: I corrected that I do have 2 beta installed.

Are you sure the rhs_complex_d array is in device memory?

With Vista, you need to use the 2.0 beta.
I think your driver is not compatible with 1.1.

Late nite sorry – I am using 2.0 beta for the code (not 1.1). I am also using: nVidia Driver: 175.16 Released:May 13, 2008.

That said the CUDA 2.0 Beta page refers people to nVidia Driver: 174.55 which I do not have installed as it was beta. I assumed that the final 175.16 driver would also contain CUDA interfacing? This this a wrong assumption and I should use the older beta driver?

Turns out you HAVE to use the beta driver listed in the CUDA page for Vista. You can not use the latest WHQL Driver release.

All seems to be working now :). yay.