Help debugging - lint-like tool?

I am modifying a large f77 program written over the past 50+ years by someone else (and that has retired).

We have modified some routines to take one extra argument, but we missed some cases.

I am looking for something like lint that would look if every time the routine X() is called, it now has 8 args, not 7 (where there is a list of X…).

Is there such a tool?

I can grep X *.f and check, but what I’m looking for is a lint-like tool to automate this.

Thanks. Sylvain.


I’m not aware of any such tool, but perhaps one of our other users can assist. Hopefully someone might be able to post a solution here.

Best regards,


Thanks Chris.

I did some googling and I found ftnchek at

That I built out-of-the-box right away.

I followed the instructions (create .prj files) and ran it fine.

It found the known error (as a varying number of arguments warning), and some 3,600 other warnings (most of them are the result of old style programming).

It comes w/ a 55 pages documentation, looks like something useful, although its output (63,000+ lines in my case, by analyzing 350,000+ lines of code) can be overwhelming (1 warning per 100 lines of codes ;-).