Help for Jetson Orin Nx production module, flashing

Hi Nvidia team,

Procured Nvidia Orin NX 16GB module, Please help me in initial Bringup. We didn’t procure developement kit but we have designed our own carrier board and power sequencing is taken care as per the design guide.
we have brought out USB0 signals to use as flashing port.
And Please clarify the below mentioned doubts :

  1. at first power ON, do we get display or USB will be detected ??
  2. How to flash the Orin Nx 16GB module, please guide me ??

Thanks & Regards,

Depends on whether your hardware is correct and software configuration are correct or not.

How to flash the Orin Nx 16GB module, please guide me ??

Recommend to really get a NV devkit first and play around it first.
I believe your first flash on custom board may not work due to lots of reasons. will explain that one by one.

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for the quick reply.

A small doubt regarding the flashing port. At initial power on of the production boards of ORIN NX, Does USB0 detects even when orin NX is not in recovery mode ?

In my test setup, usb0 is getting detected when in force recovery pulled low and also when force recovery is not pulled low. Is it a normal behavior ?

Thanks & Regards,

Dear Wayne,

My Orin NX module USB0 detects as NVIDIA corp. even when force recovery is not pulled down. Can you help me out in this…??


Check the serial console log.

Only two cases would lead to NVIDIA corp

case 1. recovery mode

case 2. system boots up, enter kernel and usb device mode work.

Since case 2 must go through boot, there would be log from serial console log.