Help for Stereoscopic

I have troubles when implement OpenGL for 3D Vision Kit. If I use GLUT_STEREO and activate the stereoscopic 3d function , when the application runs, just appears a white screen. My graphic card is a GeForce 8800 GTX.

Could you help me?


Stereoscopic OpenGL pixelformats you would select via this GLUT_STEREO flag are only exported on professional Quadro workstation boards, when they have been enabled via the NVIDIA Control Panel -> 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Stereo Enable switch.

The consumer 3D Vision stereo support for games is something completely different and won’t work that way.

You can show me a example using openGL with 3D vision? I want know more about the right SDK to implement a 3D vision application with my NVidia kit. Thanks.

I don’t know if automatic 3D Vision stereo is available for OpenGL. It wasn’t in 2011. Maybe read through this information:

Following document has some implementation details. If you contact authors, they make give you a stereo sample code.

By the way, anyone know if Nvidia SDK 11 available for OpenGL. The SDK link say that it is but I can only find it for DirectX.