Help Getting Started with PIR Sensor & NFC Reader

Hi all, I recently got a Jetson Nano for a project I’m working on. For part of my project, I’d like to connect both a PIR Sensor and an NFC Reader than can be used to collect motion input and the unique NFC ID of the person activating the motion sensor.

However, I’ve been unable to find any good guides online that say what Sensors & Readers are compatible with the Jetson & Ubuntu/Python, and demonstrate how to connect them to which GPIO ports, receive and process their input, and make the input actionable within a Python script.

So, I was wondering if you wonderful people knew how to set these components up and would be willing to help me do so. Any help is appreciated, as I’m relatively new to all of this.


hello Samberlance,

there’s Jetson-IO tool to Configuring the 40-Pin Expansion Header.

please refer to developer guide,
you should check Kernel Customization chapter to implement your driver and compile the kernel sources.
please also see Flashing a Specific Partition session to update kernel image for verification.

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the response! Sorry if this a noobish question to ask (I am new to single board computers and hardware configuration, after all), but how will these links help me set up and read input from a PIR Sensor and NFC Reader?

I get that I’ll have to do some configuration for the GPIO pins, but how do I figure out what the correct configuration for each piece of external hardware is, and access the input that these devices generate?


hello Samberlance,

you should provide the power supply to your external devices, uses uart to communicate with external modules.
for example, you’ll need to connect the power supply to your PIR sensor, and using UART pin to receive PIR sensor’s digital output.
tegra by default using baudrate as 115200/8n1 on the uart ports, you may review those modules specification to configure the data rate if necessary.

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