*help hairworks .apx export culling 2/3 of my guide hairs?

I am using shave to create guide curves. When I export using hairworks apx, I get this pop up

“2691 out of 3470 fur strands share mesh vertices with other lines. They will not be exported!”

when I bring that apx file into hairworks viewer, at least 2/3 of the guide hairs are gone and my groom is very patchy. Can someone please tell me what is causing this?

Shave can only place one guide at each vertices so I don’t know why it’s saying fur strands share mesh vertices.
Is this something with the export, or create hairworks?

I’ve tried unistalling and re-installing hairworks for maya 2015, and got the same results.
thank you so much in advance!

Currently HairWorks supports one hair on one vertex only. If there are more hairs than the count of the vertices, this could happen.
If it is not the case, you can email me at juma@nvidia.com