[Help] It's always found my Jetson Nano response slowly

After boot, always I met response slowly but I can not find any suspicious (background) processes occupying CPU or MEM.
I already used TOP command or “resource monitor” tool to check the resource usage,
is there any one knowing what’s going wrong ?

For ex., when I type “python” in terminal, it may take more than 5 seconds to output the result.

Appreciated your help.

Hi ychinwang,

It should be SD card issue.
Please try others SD card to check the issue still exist or not. Thanks!

Thanks for your hints, I used Toshiba M203 128G, and it seems its throughput is not bad,

and the “disk” benchmark show its “Average Read Rate” is above 40MB/s,
so if is there any available tool or command I can use to investigate this issue ?!


Hi ychinwang,

Sorry for inconvenience.
This is known issue, you can check from L4T release note:
Suggest you can try others sdcard. Thanks!