Help needed with hybrid graphics: igpu/M2000M and igpu/K2000M

Good day devs, at this point I did not know where else to go. I tried Lenovo, Reddit etc. and did not get a response. I tried googling on end and found solutions that are either not reproducible on my systems or very technical for what I think should be a simple setting.

Short and sweet: the dGPUs on both my recently set up Lenovo P50 and Dell Precision M4700 are not being utilized.

The P50 I have has a 4k screen and I first noticed the problem when I tried to stream a 4k video and it stuttered like crazy overloading the CPU and iGPU while not utilizing the dGPU at all.

Then I downloaded Userbenchmark and it only used the iGpu and displayed the message"WARN: skipping NVIDIA M2000M - unable to locate attached display". Same warning displayed for the Dell (K2000M).

On the P50 I switched from Hybrid to Discrete in the Bios and it seemed to have solved the problem, however I want to know how to get it to work in Hybrid mode. I did not try this with the Dell. Is it recommendable to just stay in discrete mode or better to try to configure Hybrid mode?

I set up both of them by clean installing Windows 10 Pro, updated, downloaded manufacturer’s latest firmware and drivers, ran full diagnostic and stress test 3-5 hours and no failure occurred.

I really appreciate your advice. Again, apologies if I am not in the right place.