Help needed with Jetpack 4.3 and Auvidea J121 carrier board

Since I am not getting a response from the Auvidea support team on my issue described below I hope to find some advice here.

I purchased an Auvidea J121 board and upgraded my TX2 to Jetpack 4.3 recently. I also installed to most recent Auvidea Firmware from their website. I got the 2 USB3 ports operational as advertised but the fan is not working and doesn’t turn on when I eg set jetson_clocks and/or power mode to 0. (fan control works well when connected to the original Nvidia Developer Board so I assume its not an issue with my TX2)

This is a showstopper for me since I am running the TX2 at max power in my application which causes the TX2 to get really hot after a couple of minutes w/o cooling.

Fan control did not work with the old J120 board along with Jetpack 4.2 either, but there at least the fan was permanently turned on with the Auvidea firmware.

Is there anyone out there who got the fan working with a J121 board? I assume it will require some additional device tree mods. Any inputs appreciated - Thanks!

Hi mtbsteve,

Please contact with Auvidea team to get the support. Thanks

I haven’t tested this but depending on how you are powering the TX2 you might be able to get away with connecting the fan directly to the power source. Just make sure that you are using the correct voltage and amperage before connecting it. This would just let the fan run on full power but that’s better than nothing I guess.

Out of curiosity: Did you just follow the instructions included in the 3.0 firmware for the J121 to get the USB 3.0 working?

Yes. I can confirm that the 3.0 Auvidea firmware enables the second USB 3.0 port.

The fan issue is still a mystery to me. As reported in another thread here:

the same problem apparently persists also with the J120 board.

@kayccc I tried to contact Auvidea support several times by mail and by phone, they always promised to get back to me but they never did over the past 10 weeks now.

Hi mtbsteve,

we are very sorry for taking so long with our response.
We know that issue and will fix it in our new firmware version.

Currently we are focusing on the compatibility of the Xavier NX and our carrier boards.
Our next step is to fix that issue.

Best regards,


Thanks @AuvideaSupport for working on it.
I am desperately waiting for a fix for the TX2.
Any ETA yet?

@AuvideaSupport any news on this?

Btw, I just flashed the Jetpack 4.4 firmware. I am getting one USB3.0 and one USB 2.0 port on the J121 and apparently everything besides the fan is working.
Nevertheless the fan issue is a showstopper for anyone who wants to use the TX2 at max power settings and I want to avoid the workaround of adding a separate fan with its own power supply.