Help: Nexus Debugger while debugging, not stopping at my breakpoints...

I installed the nexus host and monitor onto the same machine.
The machine has 2 CUDA enabled video cards.
It runs on a Vista 64-bit machine.

I followed the instructions in:
“Walkthrough: Debugging A CUDA Application” that came with Nexus.

When I run the sample matrixMult example, I received a “Debug Assertion Failed” exception
whether I use the debugger or not.

When I run a sample cuda program I created, running the nexus debugger didn’t do anything.
It skipped my breakpoints and did not stop.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I have exactly the same problem. However I work with two computers (Win7 64). When I start debugging on the host computer, the “Debug Assertion Failed” appears on the target computer.

Jia, have you found a solution for this?


Have you used the mandatory drivers (>195.32 or something) and mandatory build rules for your own project?
Also, theres a nexus forum at the bottom of the list…

I’m using driver version 195.62 on the host and 196.21 on the target machine. I try to debug the matrixMul example that comes with Nexus. So I assume that the build rules are correct. Is there anything else I should check?

I’ve seen the Nexus forum but I didn’t want to start a new thread on the same topic. (@administrator: maybe this topic can be moved to the other forum?).

I noticed that I can start the two other Nexus examples (matrixMulDrv, simpleStreams) on the target machine. However, the debugger doesn’t stop at breakpoints in the kernel. But I will start a separate thread in the Nexus forum for this.

Anyway, I’m still wondering why I can’t run the matrixMul example. I realized that one source file in this project has a red sign (see attachment). What does this mean? Might this have something to do with the error message I receive?