Help or an extended version for Setup Matlab for Cross Compiling on TX2

So basically this is the fact i have already passed the codegen setup and so on, this is mi output of the >> coder.checkGpuInstall(‘full’)

ans =

struct with fields:

     host: 1
      tk1: 0
      tx1: 0
      tx2: 0
      gpu: 1
  codegen: 1
 codeexec: 1
    cudnn: 0
 tensorrt: 0
profiling: 1

so i have already installed cuddn from the .deb sources but as i have several istallations of CUDA (9.0,9.1 and 10), i’m using the update alternatives to specify the version for work (current 9.1 according to MATLAB). And the “pass” test of CuDNN (in the set-up and install) works but it’s not recognized by MATLAB :(. The documentation is too short for the setup , so if someone has an extensive version for this i would really appreciate it

Thanks in advance