Help please need advice

So I purchased A Nividia quadro 5800 couple a years ago for around 3000 and some change. I notice It dosnt support Directx 11, But I use my 5800 mostly for 3d programs such as zbrush and Maya. Should I get rid of my 5800 and get a mid range graphic card that supports Directx 11. I know my 5800 card can render faster than these mid range cards that support Directx11

Directx is mainly used for game engine graphics? I thought about just building a rig that supports Direct 11 just in case I want to play around with game engines…what Do you think keep the 5800 or get rid of it? keep in mind I mostly do 3d modeling

I have windows 8

Please anyone

this forum is grave of unanswered topics
guess you can trash it, since system not gonna work with one quadro one gtx
also from what i know quadro is autocad / 3dsmax but not sure

im assuming you did somthing by now, but i would sell the card on ebay. then buy a direct x 11 compatible card, and i recommend a older high end over a newer mid range, mainly becase from what i have seen only the high end cards overclock well. well atleast its that way with geforce cards. i never got my hands on a quadro.