Help regarding starting with Nvidia Omniverse

This might be a silly question but I am just trying to understand Nvidia Omniverse and see if that would be helpful for the company I work for. Especially on the thermal simulation side involving Nvidia Modulus as an extension.
Here are some of the questions I have:

  1. Can I run Nvidia Omniverse with Modulus extension with a RTX GPUs? I installed Omniverse and opened Create but I dont see any object I create and get error that the GPU is non-RTX GPU.
  2. If having a RTX GPU is the bare minimum requirement, is there any cloud service where I can use Nvidia’s RTX GPUs online and work on my simulation through the cloud? I tried looking at Nvidia Omniverse Cloud but did find much. Also are there any trails for the same?

I am sorry for these questions. If this is not the right place for these questions, can someone point me to a forum where I can get more help. Any help is greatly appreciated.