Help regarding starting with Nvidia Omniverse

This might be a silly question but I am just trying to understand Nvidia Omniverse and see if that would be helpful for the company I work for. Especially on the thermal simulation side involving Nvidia Modulus as an extension.
Here are some of the questions I have:

  1. Can I run Nvidia Omniverse with Modulus extension with a RTX GPUs? I installed Omniverse and opened Create but I dont see any object I create and get error that the GPU is non-RTX GPU.
  2. If having a RTX GPU is the bare minimum requirement, is there any cloud service where I can use Nvidia’s RTX GPUs online and work on my simulation through the cloud? I tried looking at Nvidia Omniverse Cloud but did find much. Also are there any trails for the same?

I am sorry for these questions. If this is not the right place for these questions, can someone point me to a forum where I can get more help. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi, your assumption is correct, the viewport in Omniverse does require an RTX capable GPU as it heavily leverages the RT cores.

We have announced Omniverse Cloud which will provide cloud based applications, this will provide remote desktop capabilities, streaming to any browser. Omniverse Cloud is still in early testing but if you click the “get in touch” you can submit your request for access.

Thank you for your response. I did submit the request twice. Never heard back from the support team.

If you would like to DM me the email you used I’d be happy to check in with the cloud team but I believe only the cloud nucleus is currently being evaluated externally.

An alternative to waiting for the cloud offering is to simply run an Omniverse workstation on AWS. You can find more information on that option here: Deploy an Omniverse Virtual Workstation on AWS (Windows) — Omniverse Nucleus documentation (