Help Release 266.58 drivers cannot work?

Hi everybody,

today i updated my display driver to 266.58, and then all my projects of OpenCl can not work, give such error infoimation at line:

cxGPUContext = clCreateContextFromType(0, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU, NULL, NULL, &ciErrNum);


I think that the OpenCl driver cannot support my GTS250 card.

Unfortunately, i have lost my last driver setup file and forgot the name of last driver(maybe 190.62)

I download all the release drivers from 190.62 to 266.58 which GTS250 and XP system supported, and no one cannot works well!

I try all the driver the whole day, it is too strange!

Anybody can tell me the solution, thank you!

My card is GTS250, operation system is XP.

fix it!
different version of SDK has different framework, if you use the newer driver, you should update your SDK.