Help Shield TV 16GB 2017 Brick! APX Problem!


I have a big Problem

I tried to flash a new firmware and now my Shield Tv does not start anymore.
the Light does not work anymore
if I connect the Device via USB with the Pc it only recognizes an APX device.
what can I do to flash a firmware again?

no one has an idea what I could do to install a new system?

i have the same problem, i rooted and install a developer iso img which was supposed to be the 7.0 updat, when restart the device failed to boot. no power no display nothing. pc only recog APX.
Any solution?


I also have the same problem. I flashed nv-recovery-image-shield-atv-7.0.2-dev_rooted and it seems like that bricked my device.

I spoke with a Nvidia representative and u was advised to return the Brick device for a replacement.

Same here, guess this is what happens when nvidia decides to upload the 2015 image for the 2017 model to download.

Some kind of response would be nice, since this pretty much is on you nvidia.
I’ve decided to return my Shield tv to amazon for a full refund.
But still, some kind of response would be lovely.

I have the same problem and NVIDIA isn’t willing to repair the device if the warranty-time is over. Please provide a fix for this problem.

There is no fix for this problem at the moment, or at least Nvidia isn’t releasing one.

Yes i know, but imho they have to do provide a fix for a problem that they (partially) caused.

Same problem…anybody fix it

It’s incredibly discouraging to any developer when an image doesn’t specify it’s for a 2015 Shield TV and bricks their board.

I’m probably not going to develop on any nvidia platform again because of this.

Edit: the second part of this statement is entirely retracted after being able to return my shield tv rather easily. If you run into this problem, try returning it for a refund or exchanging it.

we all make stupid statements sometimes