HELP! Started compiling SDK with CUDA and the PC went on fire! (Almost literally)

Hi all,

I am an absolute beginner working with a Pentium 4 and a GTX285.
After compiling and running two of the SDK the PC alarm started to scream like hell!

The video card as well as the processor are extremely hot. No devices are attached to the motherboard apart from the video card.


thanks for the help

Yes dude, using CUDA is dangerous! This is why we call it “extrem programming” ;-)

More seriously, using CUDA, you use all the computational power of your graphic card…
If your graphic card becomes very hot, it just means that it’s computing.

If you see fire, maybe it means that your card has some problem (or your code is on fire ;-) )


Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 105 C
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 204 W


Ugh, you should spend sufficient money for the power supply and the chassis fans. Your case must well matches with your GPUs.

Yes you are surely right. However, my power supply is a CORSAIR 850W… but the chassis is not sophisticated. Maybe I should buy another one or change the fan.

However, what I fear the most is that since the graphic card is so BIG it almost touches the heat sink of a motherboard chipset :|. If that’s the problem I have to change much more =_=

Anyway, now I opened the chassis and I will make some more trials to see what happens in the CABRIO configuration :).

bye and thanks for the answers

OHHHH… how bad being a newbie!!!

The videocard fan was set to 40%! Now I put it to 70% and with the open chassis, after running the same examples, I didn’t have any problem.

How much should I set the videocard fan? Is 70% still to low? May I pump it up further, like 90% ;P?


Hey, how can you change the GPU fan speed? I haven’t done that :">

I use nvclock under linux, although it can be a bit fickle.

I used a passively cooled PCI 8500GT card once and let it do Folding @ Home 24/hrs a day.

The card reached 105 degrees Celsius. Ooops.

Still works though, I just gave up on the folding.


I had to add two fans and keep the side of the case off. Next time I’ll go for one of those gamer cases with half a dozen fans :)