Help to execute deepstream python sample apps over headless mode


(Jetson nano 4gb, jetpack 4.5.1 deepstream 5.1)

i want to execute deepstream python apps on headless mode.

for example, i want to execute

python3 /dev/video0

and should be able to see the ouput window in headless mode.

i checked metropolis/deepstream/dev-guide/ for deepstream 5.1

i read, Running without an X server

i included following line in the file “dstest1_pgie_config”

#Type - 1=FakeSink 2=EglSink 3=File 4=RTSPStreaming
#1=h264 2=h265
#encoder type 0=Hardware 1=Software
#H264 Profile - 0=Baseline 2=Main 4=High
#H265 Profile - 0=Main 1=Main10
#set below properties in case of RTSPStreaming

Jetson and my laptop are connected to same network.

now how do i get the output over network stream and see it in vlc?

You need to enable this config by setting “enable=1”

may be i got confused? its written here i should set it to 0?

Disable egl sink group and enable rtsp group. The group you post here is the rtsp group.

thats my config file.

here is sample config file

i should copy [sink0] and paste it my test3 config file and modify the enable to 0, right?

[sink0] enable=0

okay, i did the same

and here is output. there is some problem?

What do you mean? has nothing to do with the deepstream config file.

deepstream config file is for the deepstream-app sample. does not need any config file.

Please read the python deepstream document instead. Python Sample Apps Source Details — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation

If you are not familiar with python gstreamer, it is not recommended to use python deepstream. Please use c/c++ deepstream instead.

Even with c/c++ deepstream, you need to have the basic knowledge and development skills of gstreamer before you start with deepstream SDK.

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thank you for kind suggestion.

Seems like i need some studying.

Have a nice day! :)